Homemade Gin Basil

My special love affair with Gin Basil started 6 months ago when I finally gave it a try after ignoring it for the best part of a year thinking I wouldn't like basil in a drink. How wrong I was. Ever since, Gin Basil has been an all time favourite. 
So I decided to introduce the drink to my family as well.

I made mine with basil syrup (instead of cane sugar and fresh basil leaves which is also an option) because I thought the syrup would also be a cute present

  • 250ml Water
  • 250gr Cane Sugar
  • Lots and lots of fresh basil leaves (the more the tastier)
  • leave to thicken at a moderate temperature for about 30-45 minutes 

I made a bit more for future enjoyment ;)
Now all you need to do is add together 2cl syrup, 2cl lemon juice, 1cl gin. Shake well and pour over ice in a tumbler of your choice.

This was my result:

Enjoy with friends and family!


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